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Dancing Tesla Tee Shirts
cap, captain miss america
teaberryblue wrote in save_tesla
You can now buy Dancing Tesla Tee Shirts at Spreadshirt or at Skreened (Skreened is pricier but guarantees all products made in the USA & sweatshop-free). If anyone does buy one, I would love to see a photo or get a review of the quality.

Also, for the two people on this list who aren't already my LJ friends, I have a Cavalcade of Tesla Art going on in that there place!

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I don't have a photo available of the t-shirt yet, but I gotta let you guys know... they're fab! Go Go Disco Tesla dances his way into the consciousness of potential Tesla Fun Contributors with his wicked grin and saucy samba pose.

I got my shirt through Skreened. It's an orange men's/unisex ringer t. Since it's an American Apparel shirt, it's very soft though just a bit thin. Not "Oh, check out your belly button" thin. More like "Check our your brilliantly-colored bra" thin. A dark color will protect your modesty more efficiently, I'm told.

The design came out pleasing enough on the orange--the "SAVE TESLA" shows up nicely, and dancing Tesla looks nice. The color of the shirt DOES show through the design. Honestly, I like it--it has a vintageish look to it. But that's purely aesthetic.
The ink is deep into the fibers and not stiff, thus it stands up to a bit of stretching. Tesla is a formidable man, after all.

The design itself basically covers the whole shirt, however. I didn't expect Tesla to be so tall and dreamy! The design is 16 inches tall on the 2x, which is about one twentieth of Tesla's actual height.

The shirt's ability to repel stains and food particle leaves to be desired (I'm drafting a letter to the company, recommending Tesla's Martian Melting Muck, which is powerless against Mars but effective against spilled wine.) However, overall, this shirt is a completely worthy investment. While the print is not perfect against a colored background, I still give it a B+!

The shipment and communication with Skreened was great!

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