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Tesla's only surviving laboratory, Wardenclyffe, is being sold by Afga Corporation for $1.6 million. They have threatened to tear down the buildings and clear the land if the future owners request it. The Tesla Science Center is raising money to buy the laboratory and turn it into a museum for all the kids (and geeky adults) to enjoy.

More information:
- Tesla Science Center homepage
Donate money to the TSC to help buy Wardenclyffe; donations are check-only and are tax-deductible.
Can't donate via check? Donate via paypal through teaberryblue
- Tesla Society page on the Wardenclyffe situation
- Wikipedia: just what is this "Wardenclyffe" anyway?

- NY Times Article
- Slashdot link
- Gizmodo article

- Kate Beaton believes in Tesla (and you should, too)
- Donation information @ teaberryblue

What can you do?
- Donate! Donate directly to the Tesla Science Center (check only), or donate via paypal through teaberryblue (info here)
- Spread the word! The more people know about this, the better. You may link back to this post, or make your own list. There are handy buttons/banners/etc. in this post by teaberryblue. (Feel free to make your own.)
- Write a letter! Consider following the Tesla Society's good example and writing a letter or two to draw attention to the situation. Note: do not act crazy. Tesla would frown upon that.

Have you found any new articles or links on the interwubz which are relevant to the Wardenclyffe situation? Please share in comments!

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I think Tesla would be okay with threatening to use our Death Rays, though.

I am going to make us an icon on my lunch break <3 <3 If you want to add the links to the userinfo, go for it!

Is it a Death Ray, or a Freeze Ray? ( or an Ice Beam? )

I think I'm going to try and print some stickers of Nikola Tesla's mustache and just put them on everything I can find.

eta: okay, I just got lazy and put a link to this post. *g* Also I added a bunch of interests relating to Nikola Tesla's mustache, because it is one fine example of facial hair.

Edited at 2009-05-07 03:42 pm (UTC)

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