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Save Tesla!
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Save Tesla: help preserve Wardenclyffe, Nikola Tesla's last surviving laboratory
The Tesla Science Center is trying to raise the money to buy the Wardenclyffe, Tesla's last remaining laboratory facility. They are doing this to prevent the lab from being torn down, and turn it into a museum. Agfa, the current owners, are asking $1.6 million dollars for the land. The TSC people will also need money to pay to restore the building and make improvements so that it can be open as a public facility.

More information, including links to news articles, can be found in this post.

We should help!

You can donate directly to them by check if you visit their website. If you would prefer to pay by paypal, you can donate via the paypal link above, which goes to teaberryblue and she will forward the money.

If you donate $20 or more, teaberryblue will draw you a picture of Tesla to your PG-rated specifications. That is my incentive to you. It might take a while if a lot of people donate, but I will draw lots and lots of Tesla if need be. Tesla eating cookies. Tesla writing his name on the moon with a moon laser. Tesla inventing Peeps. Tesla as a bunny rabbit. You name it.

If you can't donate that much money, please consider donating a small amount. If you and your friends want to pool your money for a pic that is okay, too. I just had to set a threshold for offering art.

Plus, if anyone would like to pass this along, you can use the nifty copy/paste code below:

This community is for everything related to helping preserve this important landmark and the dreams of young mad scientists everywhere. Help save Tesla!
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